Boarding Facilities

We offer boarding facilities seven days a week, thereby drawing learners from all over the country and abroad. Swellendam is situated on the N2 high way, about two hours' drive from Cape Town. A private shuttle service between Swellendam and Cape Town is available.

Sport and Activities


Fifty Year Celebration

The learners follow an active afterschool programme, with the emphasis on experience, adventure, nature and social group interaction.

Notwithstanding the College's own sport program of soccer, volleyball, cycling or working out in the school's fitness and weight-training gymnasium, they can also join the local Swellendam High School's rugby, hockey, cricket and/or tug-of-war teams. Over weekends learners are able to partake in various school activities such as hiking in the mountains or swimming in rock pools. Learners are encouraged to pursue individual interests as well.

Camaraderie and support among fellow learners assist in developing an environment where learners develop independence as well as leadership skills.

Discipline and Behaviour

Olyfkrans College encourages socially acceptable behaviour at all times. It is therefore essential that we receive the necessary support from parents when decisions regarding discipline are to be made.

Learners are encouraged to be ambassadors to the school and we endeavor to work on a relationship based on trust. We encourage leadership skills and teach learners to take responsibility for their own actions. A guidance counsellor is available for learners who battle to deal with various social issues in their daily lives.

A locally based therapist is also available if parents wish to pursue this. Parents can contact the principal for further information.


School bus on a weekend hike

Culture and Religion

The school has always been multi-cultural, having no particular religious denominational affiliation. Learners of different faiths and backgrounds readily fit into the life of the school community.

The Olyfkrans Reading Room and the Martin Versveld Heritage Garden form the center of the college's cultural activities.

The learners are encouraged to attend lectures, presentations and exhibitions that are arranged at the Reading room in collaboration with the Swellendam community. By attending various lectures, exhibitions and events hosted by the school or among the broader community, learners are able to develop various social skills necessary in life.

Old Boys

There is a very strong bond among former students and the College. Old Boys are keen to visit the school and share their experiences with us. A wide and interesting range of careers have been pursued and many have become leaders in their fields of expertise. Wine-making, law, modelling or the film industry are only but a few of the areas where our Old Boys have made an impact. As visitors and motivational speakers to the school, they serve as an inspiration to our present learners.