Swellendam, Western Cape

Olyfkrans College is a boys school with a difference, offering Grade 7 - 12 dual medium tuition, structured homework sessions and boarding facilities with a remedial approach. Situated in the picturesque country town of Swellendam, Olyfkrans College provides the ideal environment for a learner to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Boarding facilities are available 7 days a week. A reputation for excellence spanning over 50 years following the WCED Curriculum.

In Omnibus Veritas

Olyfkrans College, founded in 1964, developed from the previously well-known Swellendam Grammar School of 1825. It is a multilingual independent school with a firmly established reputation for excellence in a town that was rated the best South African Municipality in 2015. The primary purpose for its establishment and continued existence was and is to provide assistance to learners who fail to make progress in mainstream schools, but who do have the potential to excel given the right guidance and support.

We assist learners from different walks of life, but focus specifically on learners who require assistance regarding specific learning difficulties such as reading, dyslexia and concentration. The school is registered with the Western Cape Education Department and UMALUSI.

Vision and Mission Statement

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Individual Attention

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School Profile

Our support programme and structured environment enables us to fulfill the specific mission of the college: that of helping learners who are underachieving in mainstream schools for a variety of reasons i.e. lack of self-confidence, experiencing difficulty in integrating with their peers, suffering bereavement, having a nervous disposition, and hence finding it difficult to pass their exams. Our after-care provides the consistency which many learners require to enable them in finding a more balanced lifestyle. This encourages greater spontaneity and enthusiasm for sporting and other outdoor activities, as well as functioning as part of a group.

Patrons of Olyfkrans College

  • Prof. Arnold van Zyl
    President of the Baden-Württemburg Cooperative State University
  • Mr. Basil May
    Educationist and former Rector of Wesley College of Education
  • Mr. Nicholas Myburgh
    Executive Mayor of Swellendam